Fitness Quest Health Club Classes

Class Schedule

Last updated September 2023

Fitness group classes are included with membership  •  Class duration 50 mins minimum  •  Class drop-in fee of $5 per class for non-members.



A.M INDOOR CYCLING - Tuesday & Thursday 8:15 AM

  • High calorie-burning cycling class for all fitness levels.


RHYTHM RIDE - Tuesday  6:15 PM

  • A rhythm-led cycling class, led by the beat of the music.


ULTIMATE CYCLING - Wednesday 6:15 PM

  • High calorie-burning cycling FUSION class that combines indoor cycling with off-the-bike weight training.  For all fitness levels.


BEGINNER'S CYCLING - Thursday  6:15 PM

  • An introduction to indoor cycling class, learn the fundamentals of indoor cycling all while burning calories and building endurance.



PILATES - Wednesday 8:30 AM

  • A whole-body balanced class designed to strengthen & lengthen the entire body at any fitness level.
  • Help increase muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips, and buttocks (the core muscles of your body)


YIN YOGA - Tuesday 10:30 AM

  • Body weight yoga gently targets deeper connective tissue. Bring balance to your life physically, emotionally, and energetically. Improve range of motion
    and flexibility.

CHAIR YOGA - Thursday 10:30 AM

  • Chair yoga is a great alternative to other beginner classes if you have difficulty getting down on the
    floor, or if balance or other problems prevent you from standing for extended periods of time.

YOGA - Friday 8:30 AM

  • A flow sequence class designed to strengthen & tone the entire body at any fitness level.



CIRCUIT TONING - Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 AM

  • A challenging circuit training class that uses strength training & functional training for optimal results in weight loss & muscle building.


SilverSneakers -Wednesday 10:30 AM

  • Strengthen your muscles and increase your range of motion for daily activity. The class utilizes hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, a SilverSneakers ball, and a chair for seated exercises or standing support. 


WEIGHTS 101 - Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:00 PM

  • An introduction to a weight training class focusing on body conditioning and weight training. To develop muscle strength, growth, and all-over body definition. Personal equipment is available for the day or for purchase at our Pro-Shop. Minimum age to attend 14yrs. 



ZUMBA levels 1 & 2

Zumba Fitness cardio - LEVEL 1 is a fundamentals & beginner's class.

Zumba Fitness cardio -LEVEL 2 is for intermediate to advanced levels.

  • Level 1 Morning►    Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:30 AM        with Josefina Bernal
  • Level 2 Morning►    Tuesday  9:30 AM                                         with Aleida Flores
  • Level 2 Evening►    Mon-Fri 6:00 PM.   Mon (Josefina) Tues (Mauricio) Wed (Aleida) Th (Luis) Fri (Jessica)

No membership required on TUESDAYS 6:00 PM Zumba class is FREE to the public.


Join Us! (ages 10yrs +)           Zumba Gratis cada MARTES a las 6:00pm sin membrecia.


ZUMBA TONING - Thursday 9:30 AM

  • Zumba Fitness cardio class fuses Zumba dance components with Zumba 1lbs Weights for toning in a high-calorie workout. For intermediate to advanced levels.       


ZUMBA STEP - Saturday 10 AM

  • Zumba Fitness cardio class fuses Step Class components with Zumba dance for a high-calorie workout. For intermediate to advanced levels.       


  • A short-term course on the fundamentals of basketball and teamwork for children ages 5yrs - 16 yrs. Special enrollment dates are posted through our social media and city advertisements. Visit our club's front counter to enroll your child to our waitlist. You would be notified first for the next camp. Camp is and extension of our Fitness Quest Health Club KIDS 2023 program.


EXTRA SERVICES - separate fees may apply


PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAMMING -Receive fitness training and guidance from a licensed and certified personal trainer.

We have 3 trainers. Free session for all new members and free Senior personal training with insurance plan membership.


MASSAGE THERAPY -  Continue your recovery process or practive pain reduction with the help of one of our two massage therapists in our relaxing individual massage room. Massage table, chair and mat available depending on treatment. Treatments include hot stones, lymphatic massage, Gua Sha blading, Shiatsu, cupping, CBD treatment, and more.

Call today to schedule you healing session with one of massage therapists!

TANNING SERVICE - NOW available. One--individual lay down bed. See MEMBERSHIP tab for pricing (bottom of page).




  • Childcare: Hours of operation are the same as scheduled classes. Call for more information, pricing, or to make a reservation. There's a limit of 5 kids per hour.

  • GUARDERIA de niños: Horario de guarderia sera el horario de clases durante horario de la oficina. Llamenos para precios o para reservar su lugar. Hay un limite de 5 niños por hora.


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Sundays/Holidays: Office closed

24hr/365 days access available with active membership